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The rise and fall of empires have fascinated writers, poets, historians and artists alike for hundreds of years, and the theme was especially popular in the rediscovery of classical antiquity that began during the Renaissance and continued through the early 20th century.

Following this theme, The Course of Empire is a series of five paintings by American landscape artist Thomas Cole, created between 1833 and 1836, notable reflecting popular American sentiments of the time – when many saw the pastoral lifestyle as the ideal phase of human civilization, fearing that empire would lead to greed and inevitable decay. They might have had a point.

The Course of Empire comprises the following works: The Savage State; The Arcadian or Pastoral State; The Consummation of Empire; Destruction; and Desolation.

Enjoy the good times while they last – collect all five!

This desk mat is perfect for that extra personal touch at work or in your home office. Made of 4mm thick neoprene material, it has an anti-slip backing and a hemmed edge for durability and stability. Pick it in three sizes 12” × 18”, 12” × 22” & 31.29" × 15.7" and glow up your deskspace.

  • 4 mm thick neoprene
  • Anti-slip backing
  • Full print
  • Multifunctional use

Thomas Cole, The Course of Empire: The Savage State Typewriter Pad & Desk Mat

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