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Keep the past alive.

Literature, art, history & more.



old stuff.

We love the old, the tattered and dusty and forgotten – especially books. We love the wistfulness of used bookstores, disorganized piles and shadows falling from shelves that guide the outside light.

That faint scent of vanilla and grassy notes over an underlying mustiness as the lignin in the paper breaks down. Volumes imperfectly perched high above our heads, undisturbed.

The quiet knowledge contained in millions of pages of thought, crawling through time from the day they were created. The cracking spines, beautiful in spite of their imperfections.

If you live in the past and celebrate the classics, you're in the right place. Welcome to Wistmore.


How it started.

Christopher Damico, Founder, Chief Creative Officer & Collector

Chris has worked as a marketing creative since 2004. Around that same time he began collecting typewriters and books and never looked back.


Chris loves old stuff, especially books and art. He began Wistmore to celebrate the past in new, creative ways. Classic literature and art gives us the ability to travel through time, peering into the past and allowing artists to communicate with us even though they're long gone.

Favorites authors and artists include: Poe, Shelley, London, Hemingway, Eliot, Fitzgerald, Verne, Twain, Tolkien, da Vinci, Van Gogh, Monet, Bouguereau, Cassatt, O'Keefe, Bonheau, Remington, Mucha, Klimt, Rembrandt.

How it started
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